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Company Profile

Corporate Objective:

To be realistic and pragmatic, always reach for more, give priority to quality, and lead the industry.

Business Philosophy:

To improve your life with our industry-leading technologies, sincere services, and high-quality products.

Corporate Vision:

To provide you with delicate and comfortable home life.

Corporate Spirit:

Do business with love and live with gratitude.


Shantou Metka Houshold Products Co., Ltd. is a company for daily plastic products that are eye-pleasing, fashionable, and functional. With “exquisite appearance comes from inner sincerity” as its brand core, Metka pursues fashionable designs and makes nice products that are detail-oriented. We pay great attention to both quality and appearance. Based on meeting costumers’ actual need of living, our products are made with Metka’s exclusive functionality and delicacy, and convey our wish for the true, the good and the beautiful. Use our products to make your home life exquisite and cozy!