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Brand Philosophy

Brand Core

Exquisite appearance comes from inner sincerity

Brand Motto

To genuineness and real beauty--METKA

Brand Meaning in Chinese 

The first two letters “ME” mean happiness and exquisiteness in Chinese. Mekta is about building a harmonious home life with the sense of truth, goodness and beauty, and bringing happiness and serenity with fine products. 

The letter “T” means “special” in Chinese, as Metka brings you the finest environment of home living and wonderful family affection, which is as precious as a special gift for you. 

The last two letters “KA” read very much alike “home” in Chinese. Home is the shelter that keeps the wind and rain out from us; it’s the castle where true love flourishes. And Mekta is working for nothing else but your greatest feelings of genuineness and beauty.

Brand Meaning in English 

1. The word “Metka” reads alike its Chinese pronunciation.

2. It is closely related to brand core and is of great significance.

“ME” is from the first two letters of “merry”, which represents happiness and harmony, and “mental”, which means wisdom and spirit.

3. Me/t/ka is actually a combination of English, Japanese and Cantonese. You can translate it as “my home”.

Brand Core

Exquisiteness: Metka pursues exquisiteness in terms of quality and appearance and it aims to achieve the state of “still water running deep”. It’s not just about external delicacy but about external delicacy that reveals the connotation of nature. It’s about living a smart home life. Metka touches people with exquisiteness and brings them to the world of delicate products that make home living perfect.

Sincerity: Metka conveys its sincerity with brand products that express the sweetest affection between people and the gift-like wishes and expectations, and such feelings are sincere, innocent and kind.

Functionality: Our products meet customers’ actual need of living, so they have Metka’s exclusive functionality which makes things “more for the real world”.

Genuineness and real beauty walk along with Metka’s exquisite products.